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Let’s succeed together become entrepreneurs in cyberspace or is normal with a Online Entrepreneur!

May be an entrepreneur by selling products on internet services, selling digital products on the internet, selling physical products on the internet, or it could also become the owner of ads such as web site advertising sales – buying property, selling web ads – buy a car etc..

This time I will discuss what if we become businessmen Online Store, How to manage it when it already has a lot of visitors / lots of traffic and want to turn it into a high profit?

Well, here’s 9 Tips on Managing the Online Store to get a higher profit:

* 1. Rajin latest product updates | Kick is what makes Mr. Irwanto Jo as http://www.tanah website owner, the website can compete with other websites because of diligent product updates every day.
* 2. Sell a unique product, exclusive of many people looking for other people and rarely sold | for example, selling shoes and there are quality hand painting whose image can be ordered by a prospective buyer, this is a unique and rare, if you sell shoes like this usually there will be many orders of various regions in Indonesia and even overseas.
* 3. Granting Special Price | Giving these special prices to increase sales, such as special pricing in order Valentine’s Day, etc..
* 4. Bonus gift or Facilities Free | example 2 Bonus Buy 1, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Free Delivery, Free Installation etc.
* 5. As much as possible to receive all forms of payment | Payment can be made a bank transfer, credit cards, paypal etc..
* 6. Not too many Form to be filled and made dizzy prospective buyers | Filling try just briefly and quickly, and please be assisted with the service your customer service.
* 7. Maintain good service, through YM or tel. | Face complaint with the friendly, they are repeat buyers who can do more or purchase order over again.
* 8. Design an attractive header | header earned an attractive display that can enhance your image more professional and more trustworthy.
* 9. Use web design that can Multi Language and Currency Exchange two minimal Rupiah (IDR) and U.S. Dollar (U.S. $) | This is necessary because you want to increase profits and sales up overseas, as did

In conducting its Online Store, the problem is not necessarily the product of our own products but can other people’s products, could be the product of other stores, can be another company’s products, or products can be anyone who wants our help to us jualkan on the internet and we as a marketer or owner of the shop Online it will get the fee proceeds.

Let’s jointly established Online Store from now and change into profit!

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9 Tips dalam Mengelola Toko Online » | Blog Komunitas Bisnis, Internet dan Property.


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