The Web is fast-becoming the Social Web. More and more users around the world are discovering the powerful benefits of being connected online to friends & family. At Flock, we believe passionately that this global phenomenon is literally bringing the Internet to life. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Internet and it is fundamentally changing what we see, think and are able to do.

Because Flock is fully dedicated to enriching the social experience, over the past year, our users on Facebook have grown by 600% to over 7.5 million users. This dedicated and diverse community of Flock users has given us a privileged peek into the future. We’ve listened and learned a lot from our valued community.

With Social becoming a new way for everyone to engage, discover, work and play online, we decided last year that it was time to build a completely new and different version of Flock. Our goal was to redesign Flock to meet the needs of all active social media users, and anyone who seeks to better manage the volume of information, media and relationships they interact with online each day.

I am pleased today to announce the release of an entirely New Flock.

The Social Web Browser that Flock pioneered years ago takes a giant leap forward with today’s launch. The New Flock helps you discover the best of the modern Web, easily manage your valued relationships and cut through the clutter online. It keeps you connected with your friends and favorite content in real time, while you surf the web. For example, you can now Group people, topics and information so that you can “channel surf” the Web and switch the Flock Sidebar view so you can see and engage with the conversations and information you find most interesting at any given moment. The new Flock is also the best place to easily search your own personal social network with our new What Your Friends are Saying feature. And, as the first major browser other than Google Chrome to be built on the Chromium platform, the new Flock is blazingly fast!

Check out our press release and animated video to get a full view of all that’s exciting about the New Flock. And then, take a test flight in the New Flock and let us know what you think!

Finally, I would like to take take this opportunity to offer a huge shout-out to the incredibly talented team that has worked so hard to build the all New Flock. I can not sufficiently state my appreciation for the talent, dedication and passionate work from: Chris, Mark, Matt, Dick, Dylan, Bruno, Adam, Justin, Kris, Ryan, Leon, Marcus, Randy, Daryl, Bryan, Lyndon, Brian, Cameron, Melody, Matt(2), Joanie, Denise, Julie, Marcy, Geoff… and of course, Clayton. A call out also goes to those who started this with us, and to the casual contributors not listed in this core group, too. This is a great team whose tenacity, intelligence and spirit is what makes everything at Flock possible!

– Shawn Hardin, CEO Flock

UPDATE: To report issues or air opinions about the new Flock, please visit our user community. Thanks!

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