New Flock, The Social Media Browser

Calling all Flockstars,

The Flock team has been busy making improvements to the new Flock browser. We are excited to inform everyone that we have just released a new build. You can download it here . If you’re already using new Flock, no worries, we’ll automatically update you NEXT WEEK to the newest version which includes the following bug fixing goodness:

  • chrome 5 merge (many crash fixes, better extension handling, improved performance) 
  • more HTML5 support (Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop, improved crash handling)
  • expanded favorites management (bulk delete, tagging, public/private)
  • foreign characters can be used in tags, user names and Explore searches
  • increased performance and stability of Groups page
  • faster account sync time (better stability for all Flock accounts)
  • editable retweets (by default RTs are ‘new’ style, but as soon as you drop your cursor in and edit they become ‘old school’ RTs)
  • various sidebar usability improvements (cursor placement, position in sidebar maintained, text wraps properly)
  • better handling of API reauthentication
  • for complete details, check out the Release Notes

There is still a lot of work to do, and our next release will be out soon.  Be sure to keep us locked on your radar and stay up-to-date by connecting with us at Facebook , Twitter and Get Satisfaction . Wishing you all an amazing summer. Stay cool!



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