Since adding Yahoo! account support last month we’ve been working hard to increase the integration and start offering more Yahoo! features. New users will automatically share their public content with Yahoo! Updates as well as Delicious, so even more of your friends will get to see the great content you’re saving with the Delicious community. For those of you with Yahoo! accounts, you can go to Settings>Manage Account and enable the sharing functionality with the ‘Manage who sees your Updates’ link on Y! Updates.

For those of you that had a Delicious account and a Yahoo! account (like the whole Delicious team), we’ve added the ability to replace your Delicious login with your Yahoo! account. Go to Settings and select the new ‘Merge with Yahoo! account’ option to stop using your old Delicious credentials and instead sign in with your Yahoo! ID. Don’t worry, the link to get to your content won’t change. If was your link before, it will still be your link after.


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