As promised we’ve just pushed live a few more changes that we’ve wanted to give you for a number of months. There are loads of minor UI and performance tweaks that most of you won’t notice, but there are some small things you might notice. Some of the minor changes include things like the ability to ‘Hide’ your fans list should any of them have embarrassing usernames, plus the ability to sign in as another user from the web-based save interfaces and main site. For those in the know, we’ve also added rel=”me” to the public profile URL, plus a plethora of other tweaks and fixes. Some of the larger changes include:


For those of you which have been with us for a while, the ‘Hotlist’ is back! Yeah, yeah, we know it never really went away but calling it ‘Popular Bookmarks’ when we already had ‘Popular’ just confused matters. Now the best of the best have the right name, and more importantly you can paginate to see previous items from the Hotlist! No more waking up in the early hours to ensure you don’t miss the great content surfaced by friends from Oceania or the late night coffee crew. All that historic content is now just a page away.

Hotlist pagination


As you will have no doubt noticed, we’re gradually moving away from treating the ‘for:’ data as tags. It’s essentially a send event, and we’re moving towards reflecting that in the interface. The latest change sees them move from the list of Tags along the side of a users bookmarks into their own ‘People’ tab. This makes it much easier to find and filter by those users, and ensure your tag list isn’t cluttered with recipients.

People Tab

Nothing super critical in this release to be sure, but the sheer number of minor tweaks necessitated a release. The next release will be more of the same with a few surprises here and there.


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