Those of you that saw the previous post knew we were tinkering with Delicious support in the Australian version of Yahoo! Messenger for Windows. Well, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve recently enabled this functionality across all English versions of Yahoo! Messenger PC.

You can now save the links your ex-college buddy sends you rather than opening them in the office. No more copying and pasting links and no more losing important links. You can even save the links you send to others and then make a note in the TAGS field to make finding that link easier later on. This is particularly handy for those “I did send you that link! See, here’s the IToldYouSo tag I used” moments…

  1. Place your mouse pointer over any link in the Yahoo! Messenger conversation window and click the Delicious ‘Bookmark’ button.
  2. The ‘Save Bookmark’ window appears and allows you to start saving.Delicious Save Window
  3. Once you’ve saved the link, Yahoo! Messenger confirms where you’ll see the data, which is especially important for new users.

Post save message

As always, we’re going to keep working towards offering Delicious functionality in more places, and we’re certain that you’ll see more Delicious features in more places over the coming year. Not surprisingly the Yahoo! Messenger team was instrumental in adding this functional gem and we love them for it. Our favorite Instant Messenger client just got even better! 🙂

Be sure to let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in the future!

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