Those of you that have been with us for a while know that we’ve been trying to separate the old recipient type ‘for:’ tags from standard meta data related to the link. We’ve gone through some iterations of how this works and we’ve just made another tweak that will make life a little easier for all.

For those of us (myself included) that have made a typo during the ‘SEND’ process, each time we start typing that user name or email address the auto complete suggests the typo as well as the correct entry. Frustrating to say the least. Well now you can go to a Settings page and like Tag Delete, you can select and remove all instances of the recipient ‘for:’ tag. This obviously won’t undo the send event, but it does allow you to clean up the recipient list that appears when you start typing a recipients name in the SEND field.

On top of this there are the usual “minor bug fixes”. We also added the popular BrowseBar feature to the Network, Subscriptions and Inbox pages. The ability to ‘browse’ the links from my Network has already made my link review process much easier, hopefully you’ll find the same thing.


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