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About Publisher NegeriAds.Com

Publisher Definition

Publishers are to publish their (display) ads that exist in the network of State Ads.

Benefits for Publiser

For each ad display a valid click from the visitors their website, the publisher will earn a commission from us.

Invalid click is a click made by your website visitors without pressure or coercion, or request from you as the owner of the website.

Commission sharing the results obtained from 50% -50% of the advertiser paid for each ad click occurs.

Featured Ads

Type of ads shown from the network is based advertising Affairs Ads PPC (pay per click). Display ads can be text ads or image ads.

How to commission payments

Publisher will receive payment from us every 1-5 dates in each month. X payments are paid at the beginning of the month following month.

For example:

In October the commission payment will be paid between the dates of November 1-5.
Payment rekenening we did through the interbank transfer.

Protection ad

Publisher prohibited from clicking their own ads on their website, or ask others to do so either directly or indirectly. For example: put the words “please click the following link.”

We put fraud protection (1 IP / ads / day) for at our advertiser. Any act of cheating that will harm our advertiser act firmly.



How to Become Publisher Registration

To register, go to
or click the registration link from the front yard,


On the registration page, fill in registration forms publisher


Then click “register”.

Once registered, your account will be immediately active. You can directly log into to start managing your publisher account.

Enter your username and password and click login to log into your control panel.


User ID and password as you type in the previous step.

If you forgot your password, follow the link “forgot password” are available.

How to Make Ad Units

Ad unit is the area / zone where you will place an ad.

To start displaying ads in your blog / website, please click on the menu “create an ad unit,” which we provide. You can create an ad unit in the form of text ads or image ads. In this example we will create a kind of ad text.


On the page that appears next, select the size and type of ads you have created. At the same time, give the name of the ad unit.

In the example, we will create a text ad units, with sizes 250×250 which we give the name Box 250-250. But for installation on the blog, suggested the size 160×600 or 728×90 (or other appropriate size of space on your blog).


Click “Generate HTML Code”.

On the page that follows, will show a preview of the ads that appear based on the type and size you want (in the example: text, 250×250).


Please edit the various settings that can be changed, ranging from border color, the color of your ad title, ad description color, color display url, the ad background color, and others.

You can also include the prohibition of using your ad code to a particular website — if you’re worried about your ad code will be stolen.

After editing these options, press the “update and preview” to see changes in the relevant ad. Once you are satisfied with the display ads that you set, continue to the end of the page to see the code of advertising that you just created.


Select the “normal code” and copy the entire code into your blog / website. Now refresh the blog page / website you. Ads should appear there if you install the code correctly.

For a guide to install the ad code on your blog, please click here

Do not have a blog? Follow the guidelines create a free blog here (click)


    [1] any code of NegeriAds can be mounted on various blogs as well. You do not need to create a new ad unit for each blog. To modify the display in the entire blog, just modify the menu “set of ad units” from the control panel.

    [2] in one site / one-page blog, you can install a variety of ad unit at the same time, ads will appear in a variety of ad units simultaneously. Therefore, attach a few locations at the same time the ad unit to increase the odds you get a commission.


Additional Passive Income Commission
Our Referral Program

Earn an additional passive income from commissions referral program.

For more information, please follow the menu “get referral code.”


Manage Your Ad Unit

To edit or delete your ad unit, go to the settings menu from the front page of ad unit control panel.


From there, you can edit and delete the ad units you have.


Checking Stats Click And Commissions

To see the number of clicks that occur on your website, or view the number of impressions (impressions) ads, please go menu Stats ‘Click’ from the control panel. To see statistics for profit, you can see from the menu “Statistics Profit”


For the record, data from the ad you just created and you publish in the past 24 hours is not recorded in the system. Therefore, be patient until the next day to see the statistics on this day.

Requesting Payment of Commission

To request payment from us, do the request (demand) from the control panel.

On the page that opens, enter your desired payment amount.


Balance You must already meet the minimum payment for the commission could make the withdrawal request. To determine the amount outstanding, you can tell from the front page of your control panel.


The required minimum balance in order to make payments for the current request is USD 25,000.
Payment of the current month will be held on 1-5 next month.


   1. Where have my balance will increase?

      Your balance will increase from every invalid click that occurs on your website. Invalid click is a click made by your website visitors without pressure or coercion, or request from you as the owner of the website.

   2. Am I allowed myself clicking on ads on my website?

      No. This includes click fraud and your account may be deleted because it is.

   3. Am I allowed to ask others for ads on my website?

      No. This includes click fraud crimes.

   4. What sanctions imposed if I violate the rules above?

      The first sanctions in the form of a warning, and subsequent deletion of your publisher account. If the account deleted, all your balances are considered sunk.

      In essence, do not ever try to click fraud because it has a sophisticated network of State Ads algorithm that can check the click fraud in various forms.

   5. What a great ad sizes to bring visitors?

      Ad dimensions, depending on the layout of your site. 200×200 size can be good if it was right, but could also be bad if the grammar is not exactly a landslide.

   6. Where should I put so many ads get clicks?

      The most effective way is usually in the middle of your blog posts. Another position that is suggested in the heder, footer, and sidebar.

   7. How should choose a color ad?

      Customize the color theme of your website. Try choosing a color theme with your website. If it can not be a theme, try the less contrast.

   8. Should I put an ad banner or text ad?

      Both are good. Whatever you want to put where. But in general (not the absolute), more text ad is clicked by the visitors than an ad banner (picture).