The Platform team is always excited to see developers’ creativity in building cool applications using our APIs. To showcase new and interesting applications built on the Twitter Platform, we’re going to periodically feature great apps on our blog. For our first post, we’d like to highlight the @kosmix TweetBeat World Cup site. For all of the World Cup fans out there, you are seriously missing out if you haven’t checked this out yet!

The TweetBeat site provides real-time updates from and around the World Cup. You can follow what is being said about the whole tournament, or focus on a specific team and even follow what’s happening with its opposition. Not only that, but their Popular Tweets sidebar keeps you informed of what everyone else is talking about and, during matches, which team has the most Tweets.

TweetBeat uses the Twitter Firehose to cluster similar tweets into real-time stories from all across Twitter as they happen. You can use the speed slider to slow down or speed up the flow of Tweets and stories down the page. They have also integrated @Anywhere so that you can retweet the best tweets or follow your favorite Twitter users right from the site, without having to come back to

If you know of other cool uses of the Twitter API, tweet about it and mention @twitterapi or me (@themattharris) and we’ll check it out!